The Three Types of Energy Scans


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Bio-Feedback for Balanced Nutrition

E-Book, “The Inner Power of Healing”

The Three Types of Scans

Scans can be done in person (face-to-face), from a distance (usually by phone) or through a third party.

While many may, perhaps understandably, think in-person scans would be the most effective and accurate, there is really no significant difference between face-to-face, long distance or third party scans. Scans are about making energy connections, and have nothing to do with location. Ultimately, space is an effect of matter, which itself is composed wholly of energy.


This scan is done when in direct physical proximity with the client’s energy.

Remote (or long distance) scans

This scan requires an energy contact with the client – most often achieved via the telephone.

Third party scans

Third party scans are channelled through a person that has had contact with the third party. The contact person is the conduit for the third party’s energy, allowing that energy to be read and giving an accurate scan of the third party’s health.

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