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Dear Bill,

After Suffering from back problems for many years, you have cured it.

The amazing thing about the cure was that you worked on my ankle, which I broke fifteen years ago.

In four treatments you fixed my sore ankle and the pain in my back.

Thank you,

Dear Bill,

You have been a blessing.

Thank you for all the help you have given me with taking away unbearable pain.
The past winter I had a constant pain deep hurt in my left ear. It disappeared in one healing.

What a special gift being able to diagnose people’s problems throughout their body just by watching them.

God bless you on your journey with your gift of healing.

Again Thanks,

Hi Bill,

I am writing this short testimonial to relate the healing of my granddaughter’s 3-year-old lab-cross collie.

“Sadie” was diagnosed with massive infection in all major organs and the probability of renal failure. She remained at the vets for 12 hours and the marry test confirmed his diagnosis.

Renal failure is not a condition that is curable so we were all upset. The vet sent us home after giving the dog a shot of antibiotics and selling us ten days worth of oral antibiotics. He reminded us that the dog was very sick.

Bill came to my apartment on three occasions and worked his energy on the dog. He identified the organs that were infected. We also met while walking the dog and he continued the healing.

When Sadie returned to the vets he was amazed to see the dog active and energetic with no symptoms of infection or illness. He again reminded us that Sadie was very sick and couldn’t believe she appeared recovered.

With Bill’s three visits I watched the dog go from a very weak despondent dog to her old self.

On the first visit she began to move around a bit and responded to attention. In the second she started to eat and drink and take short walks. By the end of the third meeting she was running and playing. She is now her very energized self.

She continues to show no signs of illness.

Thanks to Bill
Carol Howe

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this testimony to tell you how Bill healed me.

On Jan 3, 2007 I had a stroke. At the hospital my blood pressure was 210. The neurologist ordered up tests for me to take the CT. scan, cardiology etc. to find source of problem.

Meanwhile Bill gave me a couple of sessions of his Healing. I definitely could feel the energy buzzing and pulling on my body.

After taking all the tests the Neurologist was greatly surprised to see everything was normal including my blood pressure.

I do honestly believe in my heart that a lot of health problems can be cured through Natural Healing.

Shirley Oaks

6 Jan 2010

To whom it may interest:

I am a 60-year old male. I have had a severe, lower back problem that has bothered me for 15 years, requiring a back brace to sit or stand for more than 10 minutes, and pain pills to sleep. It was severe enough that I could only sleep on my sides with my knees bent; sleep on my back or chest was out of the question.
Over the years, I have seen more than 20 doctors about my back problem, with multiple x-rays, MRls, and other tests, including treatment by the Veterans Administration hospitals. No one was able to treat it effectively.

I was recommended to consult with an energy healer, Bill Hinchcliff, and was frankly very sceptical. However, Bill, from his home in Canada worked on me (in California) with his perceptions and ability to move energy. This was in May 2009. Within a month, I experienced a spectacular discharge of energy from my back, causing strong pins-and-needle sensations and muscular twitching down my legs and into my feet. There was another very strong discharge of energy a few weeks later that awoke me in the middle of the night.

With Bill's treatments, I was eventually able to feel into the damaged area of my back with limited discomfort. After about 6 months with Bill working on me, the symptoms (pain , soreness, and limitation of bending and twisting) are now about only 75% cured from what they were when we began. I am continuing to work with Bill and expect a close-to-total cure in the coming months of 2010.

Thomas Michael Powell
San Diego, California

Dear Bill,

I would like to say a big thank you for healing me of my headaches.

I was able to enjoy the rest of my trip and didn't even have to take any painkillers. It was priceless. Thank you.

I have no idea how you have such a gift but I feel blessed to have been able to be touched by it.

My thanks and kind regards,


Just wanted to thank you again for spending the time you did with us yesterday.
I left the house before Nancy woke this morning but she has just confirmed by telephone that she is feeling good this morning and does not have a headache. We are both thankful for your generosity.

Talk to you later,

Thank-you Bill

Angus is doing splendidly. My friends remarked on it yesterday, and I intended to write you a note about it. So, here it is--the boy behaves like a teenager, and is adored everywhere he goes. Your healing has performed miracles, and the process seems to be ongoing. It's wonderful to watch. I've decreased his arthritis-medication from every 48 hours to every 60 hrs, and am monitoring him closely to see if I can reduce it even more.

So, thanks a million ones more. We'll repeat the healing as I see deterioration.

Best regards,

Angus is a thirteen-year-old German shepherd.

Hi Bill,

Angus is doing brilliantly; his improvement miraculous. Why is it that I think you're working on him ever so often? His medication is down to ones a week, if that. I purely do it by looking at him.

I hope you and yours are well, and thank you for all the healing you  did---and I think you still do---for my boy Angus.

Best regards,

Angus is a thirteen-year-old German shepherd.


I would like to thank you for all of your assistance with helping both my grandmother and myself. After re-breaking an old fracture I was able to avoid a surgical pinning, and heal much faster then my norm. As an extra bonus I was able to return to normal use of my wrist with minimal difficulty despite my osteoporosis. Furthermore I would like to thank you for my Grandmother. As she was on bed rest due to a cracked hip, with your assistance she was able to regain her mobility much faster then anticipated, with no long term difficulties with the joint despite a long history of joint issues.

My Grandmother is up and around with minimal assistance, and there seems to be little residual difficulties with her hip. She is back at home now.

Best wishes,

Dear Bill

I am writing a short testimonial that relates to the relief of my knee pain. On February 15, 2007 it was my misfortune to fall down my foyer stairs and land smack on my knee and hurt my hip and back. It was after many months of traditional medical treatment such as 5 prescriptions for pain killers, muscle relaxants, x-rays, ultra sound, a very expensive M.R.I. and a bone scan with no results that I sought your help. You have given me four Energy Balance healing treatments which; have finally given me relief from my pain. I can now walk without much of a limp.

After reading your book was clear that Energy Balance is the key to good health. I shall try to use this in my everyday life.

Thank you, Bill

Hello Bill:

I enjoyed meeting you this morning- it was amazing how you could tell where my health problems were.

It was great meeting you this morning,

Looking forward to the next one.

Happy Wednesday,


'I found Bill whilst I was going through the 'dark night of my soul'.  Meeting him was one of the best things that happened to me.  Energy blockages were causing problems to my health and he encouraged me to self-heal, giving me many methods and diets along the way as and when appropriate based on his medical intuitions combined with his knowledge.  It is very clear that Bill is dedicated to his work; He is very attentive and I continue to find his support invaluable as I travel along my journey.  LS, Devon, UK.' 

Thanks again.

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