The Three Types of Energy Scans


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Bio-Feedback for Balanced Nutrition

E-Book, “The Inner Power of Healing”

Medical Intuition and Its Importance

Medical intuition is a process of reading body energy. The purpose of a reading is to locate stagnant energy – a precursor to disease that indicates the body is being starved of vital life force energy. Unlike a traditional medical diagnosis, which can be invasive, narrowly focused on “problem areas” in the body, and depend on inexact instruments and deductions (guesses), medical intuition connects directly into not just the condition of the body, but the essence of what the body and all other matter is – energy. This connection is instantaneous and encompasses all the systems – physical, emotional, spiritual, social – that come together to form being – any or all of which can experience blockages that interfere with the free flow of chi (life force energy).

Bill’s intuitive readings, therefore, are immediate and not damaging to the body. The speed and safety with which medical intuition works makes it possible and productive to track the progression of one’s health over time. This can be especially useful when making dietary and herbal changes to alleviate health problems. With readings done on a regular basis during such changes in regimen, appropriate adjustments can be made to maximize the effects and speed the recovery of energy balance and health. This kind of tracking can be done by phone, face-to-face or through a third party.

Medical intuition readings give early warnings of potential health problems; giving the client time to make changes to clear energy blocks. Many times these blocks can be cleared through meditation, mind power, and dietary modification that eliminates effects of toxic foods and introduces nutritional foods that feed the body. More can be learned in Bill’s Book, “The Inner Power of Healing”.
Many health problems cannot be diagnosed or even found with modern medical equipment, but energy readings accurately pinpoint these problems through the revelation of energy imbalances.

CT scans, X-ray’s, and Mammogram scans locate tissue that is diseased but cannot find the precursors or causes of this disease, making them useless for disease prevention. If not giving false positives, these traditional medical instruments can only confirm there is a serious problem that needs immediate, invasive intervention in order to remove or kill as much of the problem as possible. These invasive treatments typically destroy or harm other critical systems in the body as they do so. For this reason, and many others, preventing disease before it takes hold is infinitely more desirable than treating disease once it has already become problematic. Not only do many techniques in modern traditional medicine not address systemic imbalances that cause most illness, they often further damage these systems, both with their treatments and detection methods. As a common example, the radiation poisoning resulting from many diagnostic tests is cumulative and is known to cause cancer.

Intuitive medical diagnoses have no cumulative effect – except for the peace of mind of knowing of any energy blockages that might need to be addressed to prevent disease, and the confidence of knowing whether the treatment you are undertaking is moving your health in the right direction.

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