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Fetus, Babies and Children

BabiesThe energy from an unborn baby can easily be read with medical intuition, giving the parents indications of future health problems that could develop after birth. Many of these problems occur because of the mother’s compromised health from fungus and parasites. Despite the placental blood barrier, babies absorb toxins and contaminants that infect the mother, carrying the problem to the next generation.

Most health problems are digestive and start in the womb. In the womb the baby will show signs in its energy profile of intestinal difficulties that become obvious between infancy and six years of age, as the baby’s body matures and the fungus and parasitic infestation grows. Fungal and parasitic infestations often manifest themselves as allergies that can become more serious with time. While these problems can be addressed after the baby has been born, obviously it is far better to address them as early as possible – ideally before they have the chance to affect quality of life or health.

Allergies have become so prevalent in our modern society that many people have come to see them as normal, especially in children. While it is true that some children “grow out of” their allergies, the incidence of these allergies can have connections to serious hidden health problems that may persist – problems that can be cleared. What’s more, those allergies that do not go away on their own can usually only be managed by conventional medicine, not eliminated. However, the parasites and fungus that are at the root of most allergies can be eliminated when using the correct herbal combinations and foods that complement the specific nutritional requirements of each individual.

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