The Three Types of Energy Scans


Full Body Scan

Fetus, Baby and Child Scan

Custom Scan in a specific body location

Weekly Monitoring Scans

Medical Insurance Fraud Scan

Bio-Feedback for Balanced Nutrition

E-Book, “The Inner Power of Healing”

Fetus, Baby and Child scan

This scan includes all of the major organs, blood and lymphatic system, spinal cord and the Dura Mater that surrounds the spinal cord. The energy imbalances are described as “balanced, low, medium and high”.

Often the most important part of this scan is the digestive track, as digestive track problems that develop in utero account for a surprising number of modern ailments that can affect an individual’s entire lifespan. Many of these conditions originate from parasites and fungus that are transmitted from mother to baby. The problems that stem from these infestations can take as many as six years to manifest, usually as allergies in the child. From there, they can lead to other problems, as varied as respiratory ailments, behavioral problems, and cancer.

Conventional medicine does not acknowledge these precursor infestations that lead to illness, and even if they did, too many forces (many of them corporate) conspire to sidetrack effective treatment. In reality, these infestations can be effectively treated with simple nutritional and herbal remedies – many of which have been used for millennia, but which have been lost or forced “underground” (along with intuitive diagnosis) on the road to today’s compartmentalized and corporatized medical systems.

To arrange for a fetus, baby or child scan, please go to the "Get a Diagnosis" page for details about how to contact Bill.

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