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Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible to diagnose over the phone without even seeing the client?

We are all energy and by connecting over the telephone we become connected on an energetic level. This connection allows the medical intuitive to read the client’s energy. Whether the reading is done face-to-face or from a distance, there must be an energy connection.

How accurate are reading when compared to one made by X-Ray, MRI, or CT scans?

The accuracy depends on the Medical Intuitive; his or her level of sensitivity to energy imbalances in the client’s body determines the accuracy of the reading. The sensitive Medical Intuitive will find all energy imbalances, sign of which cannot be detected with conventional medical equipment until these imbalances have become acute and manifest in major and life-threatening illness.

Is there any health hazard or danger to one’s health when having an energy reading?

There is no residual energy damage done with an energy reading since the energy of the reader is similar to that of the client. Diagnostic tools and procedures used in conventional medicine, on the other hand, can leave residual damage and cumulative toxins from radiation and the injected drugs that are required to enhance the machines’ readings.

How is it possible to read the energy of an unborn baby and what is the benefit in reading the baby’s energy?

The baby has its own separate energy signature that is different from its mother, making it quite easy for a sensitive Medical Intuitive to read this energy discretely. Having knowledge of some of the health problems and vulnerabilities the child will have allows the parents to plan for remedial attention for the baby’s healthy growth. The biggest problem is digestion, which can have life long implications, but can often be completely averted in the womb by adjusting the mother’s diet, or after the child is born by appropriately adjusting the baby’s diet.

I feel great, why should I waste my money on a reading?

This is an important question. Unfortunately many people who seem healthy have digestive disorders that are quietly causing problems by contaminating both the blood and lymphatic system. These systems run throughout the body and therefore can contaminate any organ or system. The body has powerful natural regulatory and restorative properties, but they eventually weaken if too much is asked of them on a continuous basis. Once the body can no longer adequately counteract this contamination, health problems can take hold quickly, especially if these problems are centred in the very systems that were previously neutralizing the contaminants. 

Over the past fifty years, scientists and large corporations have usurped the role of the farmer and food producer. What used to be an integral part of existence, food, has instead become a commodity. Scientists continue to come up with new ways to increase the monetary value that can be attained from food production, with little attention paid to the nutritional value that remains in the food. Eons of balanced evolutionary processes are being turned on their heads by genetic engineering and meddling in the chemistry of foods. The result is unbalanced nutrition, compromised digestive systems and strains on our own bodies that manifest in illness.

Responding to these dangers is difficult if one doesn’t know exactly how they may be playing out in his or her specific situation. Even if the imbalances are minor – and more often than not, they are with people who are not currently experiencing any troubling symptoms – knowing what those minor imbalances are and how to address them will help clients to prevent and delay the onset of trouble.

As a Medical Intuitive and Healer, why did you not include healing in this web site?

As both a Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer, practicing with great effect throughout my lifetime, there came a time when I had to look at the overall value of healing as compared to diagnostics. This led me to the conclusion that I can help more people through diagnostics than through healing. I have also found that the concepts and techniques required for self-healing are not difficult to teach. This is the purpose of my book, “The Inner Power of Healing,” which has helped innumerable medical diagnosis clients to respond effectively to the energy and health imbalances I was able to identify for them through a body scan.

I believe it will be extremely beneficial for my clients to learn to heal themselves, as this can assure a lifetime of improved health. On the other hand, learning to be medically intuitive may not have as much direct benefit for them.

Additionally, while I think it is a truth that everyone has the innate capacity to do energy readings, I have found that a number of factors, some uncontrollable, must come together in a person in order to activate and fine-tune this sensitivity to the level where it can be consistently and dependably accurate and helpful.

Why do many people cured from cancer by the medical system have a reoccurrence of the disease?

Unfortunately, the conventional medical approach to cancer only treats cancer’s symptoms – the diseased cells that form as a result of the body’s energy imbalances. As with any other problem, if only the problem is dealt with, and not that problem’s cause, it will just be a matter of time before the problem recurs.

The biggest cause of cancer, trouble with digestion and absorption of life-giving nutrients, is usually overlooked. Unless the body can rebuild with nutritious foods and cease to be bombarded with foods that cause energy imbalance, the body will repeat its health problems and the disease will reoccur in the same and/or other areas of the body. Energy monitoring during recovery from conventional cancer treatments gives a clear indication of the progress of the body’s rebuilding, and allows for adjustments in diet and other healing approaches that will bring energy into balance. It is unbalanced energy that causes the cells themselves to fall out of balance and become cancerous. So balance must be improved and optimized if this disease process is to be halted.

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