The Three Types of Energy Scans


Full Body Scan

Fetus, Baby and Child Scan

Custom Scan in a specific body location

Weekly Monitoring Scans

Medical Insurance Fraud Scan

Bio-Feedback for Balanced Nutrition

E-Book, “The Inner Power of Healing”

Custom Scan in a Specific Location

This scan is recommended when a client has a specific diagnostic need. Clients who request these scans have typically run into snags with conventional medicine’s ability to accurately diagnose their conditions.

Within the conventional medical system, inexact diagnostic tools can sometimes lead to clients receiving multiple and sometimes conflicting diagnoses over periods of time. In situations like these, conventional doctors often, whether they say so or not, are engaging in a process of elimination – trying to discover what the problem is by eliminating possibilities. While this process can sometimes get closer to the problem, it can cause other problems along the way when treatments are administered that may have little connection to the root cause of the ailment.

Some clients also opt for custom scans of specific locations in order to obtain a second opinion to corroborate their conventional doctor’s findings.

Many root causes of illness are missed because the symptomatic manifestation of the illness, such as pain, is located in systems or areas of the body that are distant from the cause. In the case of pain, this is called “referred pain,” but other “referred” symptoms are also possible. Intuitive, energy-based diagnosis can accurately locate the problem by following energy connections from the site of the symptom to its cause, allowing for confirmation of the true source of the ailment, and therefore more appropriate treatment.

To arrange for a custom scan, please go to the "Get a Diagnosis" page for details about how to contact Bill.

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