The Three Types of Energy Scans


Full Body Scan

Fetus, Baby and Child Scan

Custom Scan in a specific body location

Weekly Monitoring Scans

Medical Insurance Fraud Scan

Bio-Feedback for Balanced Nutrition

E-Book, “The Inner Power of Healing”

Meet Bill

Bill HinchcliffBill has been gifted with medical intuition and healing that has been passed down through the male side of his family for five generations. Many of his ancestors chose to be of service through the ministry as lay preachers in the Methodist tradition, ministering to the sick and dying by giving spiritual comfort.

Instead of following his ancestors in religious traditions, Bill has been called to be of service through his compassion as expressed in his ability to diagnose health conditions and help those experiencing health problems on the road to their recovery. Bill’s capacity to  diagnose not only answers health questions that traditional medicine fails to answer and address, but also arms people with knowledge of their health vulnerabilities and weaknesses, allowing them to take steps to avoid or minimize negative health outcomes.

Good health and health problems are not simply centred in the body, organs and skeletal system – they are influenced by genetic vulnerability, environmental factors, diet and any number of other variables that traditional Western medical practices have not advanced far enough to be able to detect and address consistently or, in many cases, effectively.

First through intuition, then through experimentation, Bill has discovered that his sensitivity to energy imbalances allows him to read a client’s energy whether face-to-face or long distance – and whether he makes a direct connection with the individual in question or simply with another’s intention to discover the health information which will serve the greatest good for that person.

Choosing his healing path was an easy step for Bill to make, as he has always felt an intuitive understanding of the pain of others. Knowing that the mainstream medical system is, in most cases, focused on and only able to address problems after they have become acute, Bill sees the compassionate use of his gift as the only path for him to follow in life. His ability to read a person’s energy is the key to his being able to advise and help them address the factors that may combine into the development and progression of  debilitating disease. The information Bill is able to provide can also help to arrest and reverse this progression, returning energy back to a state of unimpeded harmony and balance.

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